Lycée privé aéronautique Henry Potez

Lycée privé aéronautique Henry Potez

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The Lycée Henry Potez offers its students an aeronautical training program from the CAP / BEP to the professional BAC with the possibility of continuing studies in BTS see until the diploma of engineer.

Located in the heart of the aeronautical production site Aerolia for more than 60 years, the Lycée is training in aeronautics. Thus, young people have the opportunity to follow a path of aeronautical training through the school with the CAP Réalisation in Industrial Boilermaking and the CAP Mécanicien Cells of Aircraft but also by way of Apprenticeship with the Professional Bac Aérostructure.

The courses offered are based on a general education program accompanied by a practical application in companies (internships).
Our educational project is based on 4 main axes;
- Motivation, we seek excellence in the manufacture of our noble products.

- Aeronautical culture, teamwork, trust, good work, quality, innovation.
- Immersion in the business world, nothing is more formative than the professional setting - workshops - workshops.

- Opening towards others, English, a requirement imposed by our international company as well as our neighboring businesses increasingly multi-cultural.

The Lycée Henry Potez offers its students an aeronautical training course from the CAP to the BAC Professionnel with a possibility of continuing study in BTS see until the diploma of engineer.

In 2 years:
The training takes place over a two-year period and gives students the opportunity to continue their studies and obtain a high school diploma. It is intended for students holding the CAP of the Lycée Henry Potez only. The pace of training takes place under the "Apprenticeship" status:
- 50% of the training time in progress provided by the UFA of Lycée Henry Potez
- 50% of the training time in a company and by its status and age, the student is paid.

In 3 years:
The training ends after three years, making it possible to acquire a rigorous teaching both theoretical and practical. It is a real diploma of value that aligns with the general and technological bac and which is prepared after the third class.
During the first two years, the pupil receives courses of general and vocational education, it is therefore under the entire tutelage of the establishment. At the end of his two years, the student becomes more autonomous, the theoretical elements of courses become practical elements and allow him to take a first step in the company.

The pace of training falls under the same conditions as the Bac Pro two years, under contract of apprenticeship.

The UFA of Lycée Henry Potez trains Aerostructure technicians, who specialize in the assembly and repair of aircraft structural elements (metal structures and composites) as part of the BAC Professionnel Aérostructure.

Apprentices acquire scientific and technical knowledge and know-how in aeronautics, structures and metal or composite materials that will enable them to:

To carry out inspections, to evaluate defects or damage to the structure.
To deposit, disassemble or cut structural parts damaged or to be transformed.
Manufacture or adaptation of simple parts made of metal or composite materials
To carry out complex structural repairs on the structure or to reconfigure all or part of the aircraft with elements made of metallic and / or composite material, taking into account the procedures recommended by the manufacturer.
To carry out operations of assembly and assembly of aircraft or of structural sub-assemblies.

Other Professional Bins
Possibility to continue to other professional bins outside, UFA, in apprenticeship, in partnership with a training center:
Pro MPMI, STI, TU ... according to the needs of the company.

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