Lycée Professionnel Alexandre Denis

Lycée Professionnel Alexandre Denis

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In 1994, the lyc e Montmirault was reconstructed in its final version, with a boarding school, a school canteen for 475 students in 21 sections, workshops r left between CERNY and the Jean-Baptiste SALIS ARDENAY .

In 2006, the lyc e was acclaimed as part 147

Our lyc is more than 200 l of the world's aeronautical maintenance at the CAP, BAC Professionnel and Complementary level.

Aeronautical regulations:

These training programs and training courses are regulated by the European Civil Aviation Agency (EASA), which is relayed in France by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

Regulation (EC 2042/2003) stipulates, inter alia, that in order to be able to deliver an APRS (Approval for Return to Service) on an aircraft or a helicopter, a maintenance technician must hold a maintenance license Of aircraft. This license reflects specific training and experience in the field certified by EASA and is recognized in each of its Member States.

It should be noted that the licensing requirement does not apply to the person performing the maintenance tasks but to the person who delivers the APRS. However, in the absence of a licensed workshop, a licensed licensee may only perform maintenance tasks under the direct and constant control of a licensee.

Int r ts of this approval:

This is the point of a certification for the lyc: not only is the training provided in accordance with the requirements of EASA, but under certain conditions the l ve can benefit from A reduction in the length of professional experience of several years and then to obtain a license; A non-negligible advantage for its employability.

CAP - Electrical systems
CAP - Maintenance of aircraft systems
BAC Pro - Mechanical technician - cell
Special mention to a ronautic

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