Lycée Professionnel Donation Rothschild

Lycée Professionnel Donation Rothschild

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The present castle was built by Alfred-Philibert Aldrophe (1834-1895), architect of the city of Paris. It is built of stone from the quarries of Saint Maximin, which also belong to Baron Gustave de Rothschild, on the edge of the plateau, before the rock face, facing the ample landscape of the valley of Oise. The style is very freely inspired by François Mansart. In front of the entrance are two groups of marble animals sculpted by Georges Gardet.Collége of professional education, then high school of vocational education and finally vocational school, it is since the laws of decentralization, property of the Regional Council of Picardy and shelters The LP Donation of Rothschild.
BAC Pro Aeronautical Maintenance (AERO MSC)
Maintenance of Airport Equipment (MM TP-M Aéro Portuaire)
Recruitment is national

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