Lycée Tristan Corbiére

Lycée Tristan Corbiére

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- Baccalaur at Professional A rostructure

- Baccalaur at Professional Avionics

- Baccalaur at Professional Cellule

The graduate must understand the functioning of the systems, diagnose failures and execute interventions in his / her specialty (installation, installation, assembly, adjustment and control of mechanical, electrical or electronic assemblies).

He participates in ground tests and technical investigations. It acquires a high level of qualification, for a heavy responsibility, taking into account the rules of safety and compliance.

The holder of this diploma is a technician who carries out his activities in a workshop, a hangar or on a runway, or in companies that build aircraft (aircraft, helicopters, missiles, spacecraft) or in companies that operate These companies (haulage companies have nothing), or even with subcontractors specialized in maintenance.

He must be rigorous and autonomous. He is in contact with numerous partners: not only the members of the team of which he is a part, but also the teams, the customers and the suppliers, the official bodies, the airport services. ...

This communication may take place in English, the international professional language of the a ronautics and the current use of that language is indispensable. The documentation required for airplane work is often written in English.

It operates within a rigorous regulatory framework, engaging its responsibility. Security plays an important role in an international professional context.

BACCALAUR AT PROFESSIONAL A RONAUTIQUE Cr in 1994 in new premises, the Ronautic section of the Lycee Tristan-Corbi re de Morlaix (north of Finistre) offers training in maintenance and construction of aircraft preparing diplomas Recognized by National Education and civil aviation.

Id lly located on the site of the Morlaix airport, our structure welcomes students and students in specialized classrooms (computer networks, professional software, etc.),

Laboratories (engines, avionics, electronics, cell, etc.) and in maintenance workshops. Several transport planes and helicopters are used as support for practical work.

The European accreditation 147 obtained in 2003 allows us to provide training courses on European maintenance diplomas.
BTS A ronautic
- Study of behavior, cells, aircraft systems,
- Knowledge of production, assembly and
Maintenance, production tools, tests and
The quality, the preparation of an assembly activity or
Maintenance, planning and scheduling, logistics,
- Knowledge of business, aviation regulations
And various communication tools.

1 st period: production period, lasting four weeks.
This internship period, located at the end of the first year of training, is an opportunity to immerse in a production team responsible for the assembly or maintenance of aircraft.

2 nd period: a four-week internship.
This second training period, in the second year of training, allows a technical project to be carried out in a professional setting.

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