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Manoir Industries
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Manoir Industries

Manoir Industries at Bar-sur-Aube is a wolrd-class majopr supplier in the following markets :
- Aerospace,
- Energy,
- Defense,
- Pumps and valves,
- Industry and
- Railways

The Bar-sur-Aude plant is recognized for its metal processing capabilities by closed-die forging : alloy and stainless steel, superalloys, nickel base, cobalt-chrome base and aluminium, titanium and copper alloys.

Its high(tech equipment offers an extensive range of products from 0.05 kg to 50 kg, from the most simple to the most complex design, from small to medium production batches (from 20 to 5 000 parts). The high-speed machinig plant equipped with digital technology produces ready-to-assemble parts.

In the same category:


  • Satelites, Navigation (Galileo, GPS)
  • Air-to-ground and coastal defense systems
  • Subcontracting-electrical, electronic, mechanical ingineering


  • Machine tools
  • Engineering & Consultancy
  • Air traffic infrastructure
Aviation and aerospace and space news

SPI (Société de Peinture Industrielle)

  • Machine tools
  • Cabin interiors
  • Subcontracting-electrical, electronic, mechanical ingineering