The MCSA Group: A long-term vision in the service of its customers

Partner to the Aviation, Defence and Railway industries, the MCSA Group is specialised in the conception, the industrialisation and the production of complex parts and equipment.

The MCSA Group was created in 2005 by Mr. Victor DESPATURE, with a long term vision facilitating technological and human investments. Thanks to a family shareholder structure and its clearly-traced course of action, the MCSA Group is able to serenely build for the long term, even in the most difficult phases.

We deploy complementary expertise within our different production units:

o MCSA SIPEM: mechanical, mechatronics and hydraulic equipment
o MCSA CELERC: mechatronic and micromechanical equipment
o MCSA SET: electronic equipment and measuring instruments
o MCSA TUNIS: machining and integration

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