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MECAPROTEC Industries undertakes research tasks upstream in collaboration with public laboratories (Institute Carnot CIRIMAT of the University Paul Sabatier Toulouse, ELECTRODEP of the University of Barcelona), which are from now on essential to keep a length in advance on the future "non-polluting" processes. For that, MECAPROTEC Industries also takes part in regional, national but such European projects of research and development, in which MECAPROTEC Industries positions with the interface between the research laboratories and the large clients for the realization of the industrial transfer of the developed processes. The topic of these projects has been articulated for several years around the replacement of hexavalent chromium in the current processes, present at all the stages of the series of treatments, of the preparation of surface until postprocessing while passing by the anti-corrosion treatment.

MECAPROTEC Industries currently takes part in the national research program "Ground-green" which aims at replacing the processings of chromic anodic oxidation (OAC) and of chemical conversion (Alochrome) by a process of deposit per way Ground-freezing, for protection against the corrosion of aluminium alloys. MECAPROTEC Industries has already an experiment on the implementation of this type of processes on industrial parts, since the Ground-freezing application by pulverization is qualified by Boeing for properties of adherence painting on titanium parts.
Liquid Painting :
- Polyurethan, epoxylic, vinylic, cellulosic
- Hydro-diluable painting
- Conductive painting
- Varnish
Specials covers :
- Sliding varnish (molykot, molydal, etc...)
Chromic Anodic Oxidation :
- CAO - BF 4
- Sealing : 30 mg/l
Tartaric Sulfuric Anodizing
Sulfoboric Oxidation
Chemical conversion :
- Alodine 1200
Sulfuric Anodic Oxidation :
- Dichromate SAO - colourless OAS
- Organic coloured SAO
Chemical milling
steels and stainless steels
Electrolytic treatments :
- Cadmium plating with passivation or phosphoric finish
- Zinc Nickel (cadmium substitution)
- Manganese Phosphating

Surface treatments of the stainless steels :
- Passivation of the stainless steels

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