Mont Blanc Hélicoptères
Mont Blanc Hélicoptères
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Mont Blanc Hélicoptères

The airline Mont-Blanc Hélicoptères, or MBH, was founded in 1980 in Annemasse, Haute-Savoie, between Lake Léman, Geneva and the Mont-Blanc.

Boosted by our controlled but regular growth, the company today holds a fleet of over 30 helicopters, essentially from the Eurocopter range. Mont-Blanc Hélicoptère nowadays appears as one of France's main helicopter airlines.

Thanks to the preservation of its family ownership, the company has been independent for over 30 years. This independence allows us to make our own choices, to grow at our own pace and above all, to make our customers' satisfaction and safety a top priority.

Helicopters are our profession, our passion, and must, under all circumstances, remain a source of pleasure for you.

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