MorphoTrust USA

Leading Provider of Identity Solutions and Services in the U.S.

MorphoTrust USA is part of Safran, and is the trusted partner for all U.S. states as well as many federal agencies and commercial businesses. Our solutions are made to simplify, protect and secure people's lives. We deliver identity solutions and services to state and federal government agencies, as well as many commercial businesses, giving them the means to establish trusted identities and enable trusted transactions.

Our identity solutions span the entire secure ID lifecycle, from the initial vetting and enrollment of applicants, capturing and matching biometrics (face, fingerprints and iris images), data verification, scanning and storage, and document authentication -- to the design and production of highly secure credentials, and post-issuance validation of driver licenses and IDs in the field.

Today, the company provides fully modernized front and back office solutions to state motor vehicle agencies looking to transition from old legacy systems, and improve the efficiency of their operations, as well as the quality of service to their customers.

MorphoTrust has led the way through every major transition in the history of this industry and is supporting our customers with highly efficient driver and vehicle services, with multiple channels of service delivery (self-service kiosks, tablets, mobile phones, etc.). Our identity services enable government agencies and businesses to enroll and vet individuals through a nationwide network of convenient locations, offering live scan fingerprinting and other identity-related products and services. When identity matters, contact MorphoTrust.