Nacelle Systems Consultancy Ltd

Nacelle Systems Consultancy Ltd

NSC is a specialist aerospace engineering company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are located close to Belfast's 'George Best' Airport, with clients across the UK, Europe and USA.
Our core expertise is aircraft / powerplant integration, covering systems design and installation, fire precautions and zone ventilation, and ice protection. We have been retained by some of the world's leading Aerospace developers to provide our specialist knowledge in these areas from a design, stress, technical and project engineering perspective.
We place a high value in our staff who are recognised by our customers as providing a world class systems design and integration service. We are always looking at how to expand our operations through client development and the recruiting of additional permanent staff and contract engineers. We also run a graduate development programme for aerospace engineers to ensure that in the long term we have qualified professionals capable of meeting our customer's needs.

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