Normandie AeroEspace - NAE
Normandie AeroEspace - NAE
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Normandie AeroEspace - NAE

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Normandie AeroEspace (NAE) is the Norman network of actors in the aeronautical,
Space, defense and security, participating in the major projects of tomorrow.

It is present in Upper and Lower Normandy and brings together more than 100 players: major industrial groups, airports and a military base, many SMEs and SMIs,
Research laboratories and higher education institutions.

The sector represents more than 14,200 employees, with a turnover of 2.2 billion Euros in 2014.


At the end of the 1990s, a few high-level aeronautics and space industrialists, meeting the same problems in terms of employment / training, purchasing / subcontracting and research / technology, decided to unite Around the same entity.

1998: Some industrialists lay the groundwork for cooperation

2001: Birth of Haute-Normandie AeroEspace A progress charter signed between the State, the Region and the companies gives birth to the aeronautics and space sector. Work axes are defined. A coordinator conducts the actions of Haute-Normandie AeroEspace within the Regional Council.

2005: Constitution in association. The sector is structured and gives new impetus to its development.

2006: Opening towards Lower Normandy. The objective is to rely on a denser network of suppliers and subcontractors. Haute-Normandie AeroEspace becomes Normandy AeroEspace.

2008: Opening to associate members: SME / SMI, suppliers and subcontractors, research actors and academic partners.

Today: 110 members.

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