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The FNAM (National Merchant Aviation Federation), created in 1990, is the main professional organization of the sector at nothing.
Through 8 professional associations, it is 9 m thirds and represents more than 370 companies.

In the service of companies in the sector, it participates in the promotion and development of commercial aviation and ensures the information and representation of the collective interests of the profession on economic, social, environmental, technical and Regulations.
In total, in a sector whose production is worth more than 18 billion euros and employs nearly 120,000 employees,
80% of the fleet and activities of the French sector are represented in the FNAM.

The main missions of the FNAM

Contractualize, on the scale of the branch, social relations and to make collective agreements on conditions of employment and work change.

Acting for optimum transport safety and collaborating in the implementation of the security rules guaranteeing the effectiveness of the prevention against acts of terrorism, while ensuring the quality of service to the client and Server business performance.

To contribute to the competitiveness of enterprises in the sector and, to this end, to strive for the optimal development of their regulatory, economic and fiscal environment and to verify the increase in port infrastructure and air navigation capacity, Such as the improvement of the quality of service provided therein.

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