PartsBase, Inc

PartsBase began operating as a division of Aviation Labs in Houston, Texas in 1996. The sole intent of the company at the time was to begin streamlining certain business processes for the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries via the use of technology and the Internet. In April of 1999 the division was spun off into its own entity, PartsBase, Inc.

Over the years, PartsBase has grown into the industry leader in worldwide availability, best-of-breed technology, and critical mass of member aviation companies.

PartsBase, Inc. is now headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The company leases 6,500 square feet of office space, employs more than sixty, and has 20,000 end users representing more than 4,100+ client accounts worldwide.

Our unwavering commitment to continued product development and customer care along with financial strength and experienced leadership makes PartsBase, Inc. a sure bet in the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries.

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