Pipistrel Aircraft Canada Inc.
Pipistrel Aircraft Canada Inc.
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Pipistrel Aircraft Canada Inc.

Producing their first all carbon composite aircraft in 2002, Pipistrel is now one of the industry leaders in light composite aircraft.

Constantly innovating, the Pipistrel team have produced multiple world record winning aircraft. Our greatest achievement to date is winning the NASA challenge THREE consecutive times. Twice with the highly popular Virus SW, and once with the proof of concept fully electric Taurus G4.

A diversified range of aircraft are available from Pipistrel. From a simple to fly, yet fully equipped trainer Ultralight such as the Alpha Trainer, self launching gliders like the Taurus or Apis, touring motor gliders Virus and Sinus, nimble high speed hotrods such as the Virus SW to luxurious 4 seat cross country cruisers like the new Panthera. All our aircraft have one thing in common, they are made of the most advanced composite materials, using the latest design technologies. This makes Pipistrel aircraft world famous for the most aerodynamic, lightest, and fuel efficient aircraft available.

Many experienced pilots find the performance numbers unbelievable for our aircraft. The sad truth is that legacy aluminium aircraft are all but obsolete, and we find their performance numbers unbelievable. With the price of fuel being the deciding factor wether the pilot can fly or not, every ounce of metal you take with you is costing you money.

With the introduction of the Rotax 912iS fuel injected engine, the world's most fuel efficient Virus SW aircraft (confirmed by NASA) just became 21% more economical to fly. Serial production of the Virus 912iS is in full swing.
The eye catching sleek curves of the Panthera are undergoing the certification process, soon to hit production at full speed.

A true four seat aircraft, The 1000 NM range is available with a full payload, something which pilots of four seat aeroplanes have been wishing for. Robust design of the undercarriage and low overall weight allows for operations from short grass strips, taking you as close as possible to your desired destination. The engine is ready for the future, able to consume unleaded fuels, meeting future environmental requirements.

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