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Every kid at one moment in his/her life has dreamed of flying. We dream of soaring because we have the desire to see the world from above, because we relish on adventure and freedom...and because it is an experience like no other.

Quicksilver philosophy is to make the dream of flying your own airplane accessible to a larger part of the world by providing truly affordable "real" aircraft. Thus the exclusivity of flying is attained by those that dare and have the drive to do it. Not because of monetary constraints.

Since the Wright brothers invented the first aircraft, many companies have tried to deliver on this promise, but Quicksilver is the one that is realizing it: with 42 years of experience and more than 15,000 aircraft sold it stands out as a truly unique effort.

The desire to fly is universal but only a selected few ever attain the possibility to do it and to own an aircraft they can call it theirs.

The airplanes that we provide are intended for the flyers at large but they are carefully crafted and beautifully designed. We want you to fall in love with your airplane and soar in it with complete confidence.

Quicksilver continually strives to attain this vision. Initially as a kit manufacturer we are now offering ready to fly aircraft as well. So if you are a novice that wants to jump into the sport or a seasoned flyer looking for an affordable cross country bird, we are here with the only mission of helping you to achieve your ambition.

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