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RAFAUT, Armaments Interface Expert

RAFAUT is an independent family owned company, still chaired by Jacques Rafaut.

RAFAUT company has been involved for over 50 years in Aeronautics and Armaments both as an equipment supplier to French MoD (weapons to aircraft interface devices) and as a subcontract to Aeronautics major Primes. Founded in early 1940 by the father of the current owner as a mechanics subcontractor mainly for car industry, the Company was taken over in 1960 by Jacques Rafaut who leaded it toward aeronautics.

As a military equipment supplier, RAFAUT company is specialized in weapons for aircraft interface devices. We run an in house dedicated design office, which expertise is focused on aerostructural equipments that need complex cinematics working in high constraints environments.

Since the end of the 80s, our company has developed an extensive line of twin bomb racks (AUF2) fitted to different aircraft, up to MIRAGE 2000. Based upon this experience, the French MoD (DGA) selected our company to develop and produce a triple store rack dedicated to the RAFALE (AT730), coming along with the RAFALE wing station 2 pylon (PU708).

As a civilian parts manufacturer, today RAFAUT company is specialized amongst others in-flight controls whole subassemblies. We are proud work packages suppliers to Airbus, Eurocopter, Thalès...

RAFAUT company has put in place a dedicated structure to answer the Armed Forces ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) requirements. This organization has been extended to our civilian products and enables RAFAUT to guarantee a 24h AOG answer.

RAFAUT production technologies are mainly aluminium and titanium alloys high speed machining, riveted structures building and aeronautical integration.