Located in Figeac, France, Ratier-Figeac designs and produces, in cooperation with UTC Aerospace Systems, complete propeller systems for commercial turboprop aircraft including those manufactured by ATR, Bombardier, CASA and XAC, and for military aircraft including state-of-the-art propeller systems featuring modern eight-bladed composite propellers, which are used on the U.S. Navy E-2C and Airbus Military A400M airplanes.

Besides Propellers, Ratier-Figeac is a world leader in Fly by Wire Cockpit Controls (side sticks, rudder controls, thrust controls) and Cabin Equipments (door dampers, propeller & rotor brakes). Ratier-Figeac has strong experience in Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuators (THSA) system design and manufacturing and maintains a high level of machining expertise through production of flight safety parts for helicopters.

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