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Founded in 1976, REGOURD AVIATION has asserted itself as an important actor of the aviation sector in Africa by combining security, punctuality and requirement fulfillment.

The company firstly developed an activity of purchase/sale of aircrafts, before opening several subsidiaries: EQUAFLIGHT and EQUAJET in the Republic of Congo, EQUA2R in Democratic Republic of the Congo, EQUA2C in Cameroon, AERO 4M in Slovenia and AIRMAIN in France.

With more than 35 years of experience in this sector and a desire to improve continuously the service quality and requirements in the most performing way, the group REGOURD AVIATION coordinates today the daily upkeep and maintenance of its airplanes either with its own technicians (subsidiary AERO 4M and AIRMAIN) or by subcontracting specialized companies that comply with the requirements of the group.

The company's knowhow in terms of maintenance and aviation logistics, led REGOURD AVIATION to set precise imperatives: respect of European aeronautical standards and respect of the constructors' guidelines.

REGOURD AVIATION's dealings with its customers and its partners are based on mutual trust and on the long-term. Besides a network of regular airlines, the business activity of REGOURD AVIATION and its partners covers flights for governmental or para-governmental organizations and for oil and mining companies as well as ad hoc charter flights.

The REGOURD AVIATION team, headed by M. Alain REGOURD, the company's president, provides personalized innovative solutions to answer customer requirements. To do so, the corporation has at its disposal a fleet made up with various aircrafts and operates closely with its partners in order to broaden the offer as much as possible.