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A ro-club of Spa brings together enthusiasts from the south of Belgium who had a desire to fly.

For the vast majority of them, the club has given them the means to acquire the training and licenses required to carry out this task. The club's pilot school is renowned, efficient, and has all the legal approvals.

Members of the club, whether flying or confirmed, have the fundamental privilege of being able to fly whenever and wherever they want on any airplane owned by the club.

Of course, this freedom is nevertheless limited by weather conditions, aviation availability, pilot qualifications, regulations ...

But in the spirit of the club, planes are owned by each member form and allowed to fly. This is why the price everyone will pay to satisfy his thirst for air will be the operating cost exactly to ensure the total safety of the operations. The Royal A ro Paraclub de Spa, the official name of the a-ro-club, is a non-profit organization that practices the best fares for its members.

This shared passion, shared by all the members, welcomed by a period of training that is not necessarily easy, vcue by everyone on machines that belong all, has created in the spa club a spirit particular.

This "Spirit Club", all the members, the veteran as the young sixteen years, feel it and share it. Rolling flight is an unspeakable pleasure, pilots change it with a glance, thus creating a friendly, polarized agreement on a source of common interest, passing social, cultural or professional differences .

For the spirit of the air strikes men at random, without distinction. You will find all the members, all the ges, all the opinions in the members of the club. But you will find a single passion ...