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Zodiac Cabin Interiors Integration

Zodiac Aerospace designs, certifies, manufactures and integrates the world's finest aircraft cabin interiors with leading materials and technology, best in class products and innovative integrated interiors.

Zodiac Aerospace is the world's leading integrator of Cabin Interiors. The company pioneered the integrated cabin, and continues to innovate its world leading integration technology, providing benefits for all end-users, from the passenger to the airline to the OEM.

The building blocks of the integrated interiors are its full catalogue of best in class products, including--overhead bins, sidewalls, ceilings, PSU, dado panels, doors & doorways, Lavatories, and cockpit doors. Each product provides the highest levels of innovation, technology, weight savings, robustness, and passenger experience available in the industry.

Zodiac Cabin Interiors Integration is composed of the following entities:

Zodiac Airline Interior Integration
Zodiac Northwest Aerospace Technologies
Zodiac OEM Cabin Interiors

About Zodiac Aerospace

World leader in aerospace equipment and systems on-board commercial, regional and business aircraft as well as helicopters, Zodiac Aerospace is also a key player in air safety and teletransmission.

It develops and manufactures state-of-the-art solutions to improve on-board comfort and living conditions, as well as high-technology systems that boost aircraft performance and enhance flight safety.

As well as developing a close relationship with its customers, airlines and aircraft manufacturers, Zodiac Aerospace provides them with worldwide assistance via a comprehensive service designed to meet the complex challenges of the aviation industry.

Aerospace pioneer

Founded in 1896 by Maurice Mallet, the company Zodiac contributed to the development of aeronautics by designing and manufacturing airships and airplanes. True to its pioneering and innovative spirit, Zodiac invented the concept of the inflatable boat at the end of the 1930s. This concept is leading the company to an international expansion in the 1970s. This period also marked a turning point for the company with its gradual redeployment into aerospace. In 2007, the Group refocused its core business, sold its Marine businesses and takes the name of Zodiac Aerospace.

Based on an internal and external growth strategy, Zodiac Aerospace is continuing its development to ensure constant advances in its businesses. Zodiac Aerospace's technological expertise is based on two core business lines: Aircraft Interiors that gathers Cabin and Seats segments, and the Systems activity composed of the Aerosystems segment. These segments develop solutions for aircraft on-board comfort, on-board systems, and safety on-ground and in-flight, supplemented by the dedicated after-sales business of Zodiac Aerospace Services.
Altogether, the Zodiac Aerospace businesses employ 35,000 people worldwide and work with clients throughout the world, offering a comprehensive range of products and services.

Responding to new challenges in aerospace
Zodiac Aerospace aims to anticipate and support the needs of its clients by responding to the new challenges of the market. For example, the Group is increasingly involved as a full systems integrator to certification, enhancing its products and services in various areas, such as:

- Reducing the weight and bulk of on-board equipment and systems to improve aircraft performance;
- Developing ergonomic, modular concepts to improve maintenance and productivity;
- Expanding its range of after-sales services for airline companies;
- Introducing new functions and designs, as well as comprehensive and integrated cabin solutions that make a real difference in the marketplace for airlines and improve passengers comfort;
-Developing new safety systems that contribute to improving the safety of air travel.

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