Safran Consulting

Safran Consulting - The in-house consultancy

André Santini, ancien Ministre, Député-Maire d'Issy-les-Moulineaux et Jean-Paul Herteman, Président-directeur général de Safran ont inauguré le nouvel établissement de Safran à Issy-les-Moulineaux. L'établissement Paul-Louis Weiller* rassemble les centres de services partagés (CSP) du Groupe, des directions centrales et des fonctions mutualisées. Il marque une nouvelle étape dans l'effort de modernisation du Groupe engagé il y a trois ans lors de la création de centres de services partagés. Ces centres - les achats, la comptabilité, le développement durable, la gestion administrative et paie, l'informatique, les ressources humaines - permettent de mutualiser les moyens et les compétences des sociétés.
Thierry Mamberti / Safran

Safran Consulting, the Group's in-house consultancy, plays a key role in Safran's transformation.

Safran deploys its own in-house consultancy to ensure sustainable performance improvement, based on two main missions:

Circulating best practices, via consulting services, mentoring and training.
Enhancing consultants' skills, subsequently transferring selected staff to the Group's operating entities to share these strengths.

Safran Consulting fosters excellence in four main areas: production, development, collaborative working and post-acquisition integration. It is organized according to centers of expertise, including knowledge management, project management, change management, digital communications and the digital enterprise.

Safran Consulting operates worldwide via Group companies, as well as working with their suppliers, customers and partners. In particular, Safran Consulting plays a major role in deploying the Lean-Sigma approach, combining the two concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to optimize processes, enhance operations and meet customer expectations.

Safran Consulting currently counts 60 seasoned consultants from many different horizons, with a perfect grasp of Safran's products, business sectors and challenges.

It also works in partnership with outside consulting firms to ensure that its knowledge of improvement methods remains on the cusp of innovation, to benefit all Safran entities.