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Zodiac Actuation Systems (Seat Actuation) is the world leader in the design and manufacture of electric actuators for the aircraft cabin market. We develop a complete range of actuation systems for passenger seats in the Business and First Class sections of commercial aircraft.

We work for the biggest global manufacturers of passenger seats, and have been providing them for many years with solutions that are specifically tailored for each of their seat configurations.
Mass, system intelligence, system compatibility and accessibility, and kinematics: everything is meticulously designed to meet the technical requirements of aeronautics manufacturers as completely as possible. We provide optimized linefit and retrofit solutions for every configuration and offer the best possible cost/quality ratio.

We offer global or customized solutions to meet the needs of each of our clients, including:

- Electronic Control Boxes (ECB);
- A complete range of linear and rotary actuators;
- Passenger Control Units (PCU);
- Readers;
- Electrical harnesses;
- Lumbar massage systems.

Always at the forefront of innovation, we invest substantial amounts in R&D to develop more effective, smaller and smarter systems. We use the latest-generation software for our range of technical processes: mechanical, electrotechnical, and electronic design and system simulation.

With our "SeatNet Advanced" PC application, we can remotely program the actuation system and its steering and diagnostics, and can repair remotely if necessary.

Our program management division offers clients assistance and rigorous monitoring of all stages of product development (ITCM, PDR, CDR, Qualification Review, First Article Inspection, entry into service, etc.).
The System and Support service performs validation testing (software and electrical) on the system before delivery, and liaises with our clients in the development phase and during delivery, giving them advice, training them and assisting them at all stages of entry into service and operation.

Zodiac Actuation Systems (Seat Actuation) employs 120 people in France and relies on the operational excellence of the Zodiac Aerospace group to manufacture at two international production sites: Zodiac Equipment Tunisia and Zodiac Equipment Mexico.

Our experience combined with our continuing work on innovation have given us our current world leading position in actuation systems for cabin seats.

Every day we work hard to satisfy our clients and airlines, providing passengers with safe, comfortable seats, for an unforgettable flight experience.