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Senior is an international manufacturing group with operations in 13 countries. Senior designs, manufactures and markets high technology components and systems for the principal original equipment producers in the worldwide aerospace, defence, land vehicle and energy markets.

The Group consists of two divisions:

Aerospace - 66% of Group turnover*

Engine structures and mountings, metallic high-pressure ducting, air-frame and other structural parts, composite low-pressure ducting, and helicopter machined parts.

For many years, Senior Aerospace has provided engineered solutions for the rigorous challenges of bleed air duct systems, precision sheet metal fabrications, bellows, metal hose assemblies, and other pressure carrying components that are flying in virtually all military and commercial aircraft and numerous piston and jet engines.

The Senior Aerospace operations are located in the USA and Europe and produce precision machined components and mechanical assemblies for airframe and engine applications in civil and military rotary and fixed wing aircraft. The products manufactured include metallic and composite pneumatic ducting, bellows-sealed flexible joints, sheet metal components, hydraulic tubing components and assemblies.

More recently the Division has added, through acquisition, the capabilities of machining airframe structural parts and precision components for rotary applications.