Shoal Lake Airport, CKL5, is located 1 mile north west of Shoal Lake, Manitoba. We are 300 kms north west of Winnipeg and 110 kms north west of Brandon, . The airport was constructed in 1991, has a 1000 meter paved and lighted runway, 10/28. It is licensed for day and night operation. Fuel and oil are available as are aircraft tie-downs with electricity, see Services. The terminal building is accessible to itinerate pilots, free wifi is provided.

Shoal Lake Flying Club members form the volunteer pool for most of the work done at the Airport and contribute along with the Town of Shoal Lake and the RM of Shoal Lake annually towards ongoing costs for maintenance and improvements. We are very proud of this asset of Shoal Lake and the surrounding communities!

Our members are ever busy and innovative. We have two new hangars on their way to completion. Derek Jenkins' hangar has been in the works for a couple of years. This fall, thanks to the help of several Club members, it got covered with metal. There is some trim still to be completed, the electricity to be connected, and the door to be built. Typical of Derek it is very well designed and built, it should stand a long time! With his own metal shop, Derek will also do a fine job of the door. As you can see in the photo Derek and Donna's Cherokee is now out of the weather and his snow blower is ready to go whenever needed to clear the big snows off the runway and taxiways!