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A human scale company

SOVAM is a human-sized structure. For nearly 40 years, she has been able to attract, motivate and retain high-level men and women who share and drive the company's culture. It is not uncommon to find among the SOVAM employees, lice, siblings or children who have succeeded their parents, thereby perpetuating the generational know-how of generations.

Establish teams with a very high level of expertise, strongly committed and of great stability

SOVAM encourages people to perpetuate know-how and pass on generational skills to generation.
A significant part of the commitments are made by the ear or on the basis of informal chos and recommendations obtained through networks of interpersonal knowledge.

Develop and deepen professional skills

A special effort is made to develop the skills and the evolution of employees throughout their professional career. Particular importance is given to training which is essentially centered on the acquisition of special skills, and / or technical know-how, aimed above all at efficiency.

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