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Sud Aéro Formation
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Sud Aéro Formation

Our difference : We are fascinated by our job and guided by the excellence

The Sud Aéro Formation, implanted on the aeronautical base of the airport Toulouse Francazal, proposes you trainings leading to a qualification:
The CQPM "of Metal worker Fitter airframe and structure Aircrafts", in 420 hours in center and 150 hours of company internship. The people making this training, will benefit moreover, from the FH leaves 145 and FOD, validated by two certificates.

The SAF adapts itself to your needs and can intervene in a global way or on a special partof training which concerns the adjustment and the aeronautical mechanics generally. The educational programs of the SAF are punctuated with practical tasks and adapt themselves to your needs :

1. Consideration of the need by the customer.

2. On-site observation of the used techniques.

3. Elaboration of the training with the teaching staff.

4. Presentation of the module of the wanted training(formation).

Our trainings are realized on our site or on the site of our customers