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TEKNÄK DÖKÜM is established as a job-shop jewellery caster in 1977. It started manufacturing jewellery casting machines and equipment in 1983 and has released exports to about twenty countries. Parallel to the rapid development of Turkish jewellery sector in 80s and its opening to foreign markets, TEKNÄK DÖKÜM undertook representation of various foreign companies in order to meet sector`s expanding demand for new machines and equipment.

In 1987, TEKNÄK DÖKÜM organized the first Jewellery Casting Seminar in Turkey. Since then, TEKNÄK DÖKÜM has done so much for the development of the Turkish jewellery sector by organizing exhibitions and educational activities all over the country. As well as the private sector, it has also established jewellery designing workshops in the public institutions, universities and vocational colleges. Thus, it has become Turkey`s leading firm in this field.

At the end of the 1996, TEKNÄK DÖKÜM decided to enter in security business by becoming the distributor of CEIA, a well-known Italian metal detector manufacturing company. In 1997, TEKNÄK DÖKÜM also made an agreement to become the only Turkish distributor of German SMITHS HEIMANN, one of the leader companies in the manufacturing of X-Ray control systems.

Therefore, TEKNÄK DÖKÜM has proved its ability of being a leader company not only in jewellery business, but also in security business. Today, TEKNÄK DÖKÜM is proud of giving a reliable service to its clients with more than 60 employees, (including 10 engineers) a plantation (1200m²), a showroom (520m²), an office (80m²), and a technical service shop (160m²).

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