Université Paris -SUD

Université Paris -SUD

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The Faculty of Sciences of Orsay
At the present time at the Paris-Sud University, Orsay owes it to the physicists Fr d ric and Ir ne Joliot-Curie to be developed in a French-speaking Silicon Valley. In the 1940s, the two researchers had already envisaged a centralization of the University of Paris towards the southern suburbs. In 1942, Ir ne Joliot-Curie had even signaled to the Rector of the University the existence of a potential site on the plateau of Saclay.

In 1958, part of the undergraduate courses of the Paris Faculty of
The Loi Faure of November 1968 creates public scientific and cultural establishments (EPSC) whose main principles are autonomy, participation and multidisciplinarity. By deciding that the faculty of science can not become a university because it does not meet the criterion of pluridisciplinarity, the Faure law will force groupings. Thus the Orsay faculty, the size of which could have justified its transformation into a university comparable to that of many other countries, ad grouped with geographically distinct centers, so that this university finally included all disciplines except letters.
The IUT d'Orsay
In 1969, the IUT d'Orsay welcomed its first salaried employees to the Chemistry department headed by Hubert Coudanne. In 1973, the division of the Chimie d'Orsay and Physical Measurements divisions of Cachan was added to the Department of Informatics, first in Paris, then to the CEA before finally integrating the " IUT d'Orsay. The present buildings were opened in 1971 on the Moulon plateau, Orsay.

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