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VAQUETTE CONSEIL RH is a Human Resources Consulting firm (Recruitment, Coaching, Competence Assessment, Outplacement) created in 2006 to provide a personalized approach to companies seeking the best possible skills.
We are located in La Ciotat, near Marseille, Aix-en-Provence (Bouches du Rh ne), Toulon (Var) and in the Paris region.

Our know-how is based on the experience of our HR recruitment and consulting team, our knowledge of the economic fabric, the various sectors of activity, the ever-changing field, as well as our ability to niche the candidate Manager or manager that corresponds to the expectations of our clients (SMEs, Groups, Collectivities).
From the company, our experience of 20 years in office gives us a better understanding of your needs and a multi-specialized approach.

The team's commitment, efficiency and activity allow us to build lasting and privileged relationships with both our clients and the candidates we accompany.

Proof of quality, the managers and the candidates who trusted us for the management of their human resources, are today our best prescribers.

In the area of ??recruitment, our firm HR is involved in the search for executives for operational or functional functions. Our fields of preference are industrial sectors, business services, real estate / construction and banking.

The direct approach consists of contacting people in positions whose profile corresponds to the skills sought and who are not necessarily in active search for employment. It is used to reveal expert managers or managers on very specific profiles.

The search by means of advertisements, adapted to the middle management and more general functions, makes it possible to make contact, in a short time, with a wide target of profiles and people in active search.

Parallel to these two approaches, we systematically consult the social networks, the candidates we subscribe to and our own database.

We bring our knowledge of the regional economic fabric woven for 20 years.

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