langue en Embraer - 03/05/2019

1000 E-Jets - Changing the way the world flies

In just 9 years...
one aircraft family has changed a lot of perceptions.The perception that bigger is always better. Or that smaller can't be comfortable. The perception that only big aircraft have the latest technology. One aircraft family has also changed our customers. Making them more efficient. Helping them stay competitive.Giving them an advantage.One aircraft family has changed the way people fly.In many of the world's leading business markets.
With more nonstop flights. More convenient schedules. Because for many people, time still is money. But to others, time is precious. No matter where you are in the world. One aircraft family is still changing the way the world flies. Helping to open to new markets. Helping to link more cities. Helping to link entire continents.Helping to bring affordable air travel to people who have never flown before. We haven't changed things by ourselves. We had help. A lot of help. Help from 85 customers and 26 leasing companies.
Who shared our vision of change. A thousand times.

Text and Structure
Byron Bohlman

Director and Screenwriter
João Marcos Massote

Director Assistant
Lucas Shinde

Design and Motion Graphics
Gustavo Torres