langue en Airbus Helicopters - 03/05/2019

French Air Force H225M Caracal: In-Flight Refuelling

The H225M can be refueled in-flight - both by day and at night
Since 2006 with the arrival of the first H225M Caracal aircraft, the French Air Force set itself an ambitious objective - to master in-flight refueling with its new helicopters. Ten years later, the investment has paid off, and this in-flight refueling capability has been fully mastered by the EH 1/67 Pyrénées helicopter squadron based in Cazaux.

With the support of the Italian and US Air Forces - which both provided tanker aircraft - the squadron has patiently assimilated the procedures and trained its crews. Two thirds of the squadron's pilots are now certified to perform in-flight refueling by day, with this certification even becoming standard within the unit. France is thus one the very few countries in the world to master the procedure.

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