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Air Force One Boeing 747-2G4B (VC 25A) designed by Edése Doret

Code Name: Special Project

This video is a creation of the imagination and talents of Edése Doret Industrial Design, Inc. It was produced originally in 2010 at the request of a United States Government Contractor to explore the design possibilities of a Boeing 747-2G4B for use as an Air Force One Presidential aircraft.

It is not intended to be an actual portrayal of any existing Air Force One aircraft or any under construction or of any of its components or systems. It has not been sanctioned or approved by the U. S. Government or any of its agencies or instrumentalities.

Our design was never implemented...but it does envision what could have been implemented!

The animation was released to promote the services of Edése Doret and to feature the products and services of their trusted Vendors/Supporters.

The animation was supported by:
Associated Air Center
Air Cabin Trading
Dahlgren Duck
Rockwell Collins
Tai Ping
Techno Aerospace
Townsend Leather
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Boeing 747-2G4B
VC 25A
'Air Force One'
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Project: Special Project
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Interior Design: Edése Doret Industrial Design (2010-15) @edese_doret
Modification Center: Associated Air Center (2015)
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