langue en THALES GROUP - 03/05/2019

Thales Air Traffic Management - Global Surveillance

More than a supplier of sensors, Thales is also the only company worldwide to provide global solutions by mastering all technologies: traditional Primary (STAR 2000, TRAC 2000 N) and Secondary Radars (RSM 970 S), maturing ADS-B and Multilateration (MAGS), ADS-C (TopSky - Datalink), Multi-sensor trackers (TopSky - Tracking) and innovative solutions such as Multi Static Primary Surveillance Radar (MSPSR).

Thales has developed its global surveillance concept with one goal: Support any ANSP willing to implement new surveillance sensors or optimize it surveillance architecture by jointly designing cost effective solutions.

The solutions, based on comprehensive suite of simulation and validation tools developed by Thales, shall provide ANSP with the most adapted surveillance capability.