langue en MBDA Inc. - 12/12/2013

MBDA's Brimstone- 70 MPH Strike- Contains material (c) Crown 2013

MBDA Missile Systems demonstrates the superiority of the combat-proven Dual Mode Brimstone with a series of successful test firings in October 2013. These tests demonstrated the enhanced performance derived from the latest guidance system upgrades being added to the Brimstone missile under the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense's Brimstone 2 program.

The trials involved firing five Dual Mode Brimstone missiles at a series of fast moving targets traveling up to 70 mph. Brimstones were fired from a variety of launch conditions including long range and high off-boresight and against targets traveling through cluttered road environments.

Every shot achieved a direct hit on the target.

Contains material (c) Crown 2013. Used with permission of UK MoD.