langue en AgustaWestland - 06/03/2014

Samuele Tosi AW169 Product Marketing Lead

Samuele Tosi AW169 Product Marketing Lead talks about the state-of-the-art of the new 4 tons helicopter. Join us in the cockpit for the latest news.

The AW169 is a new twin-engine helicopter type designed to meet the growing market demand for a versatile and multi-role 4-tonne class rotorcraft. Engineered to satisfy the operational and mission requirements of the most demanding parapublic and commercial operators, the AW169 employs new technologies to achieve unique adaptability across multiple applications with very competitive economics.

The AW169 is the first brand-new helicopter in this class in decades and is the natural complement to the AgustaWestland highly successful commercial product line. With the addition of the AW169, AgustaWestland is able to deliver a uniquely competitive and comprehensive offering of multi engine helicopters in the fast growing market for three to seven-tonne maximum weight categories.