langue en Fokker Technologies - 03/05/2019

Level 4 Repair by Fokker Services - How Do They Do It

Fokker developed Level 4 maintenance.

Level 4 maintenance stands for Flying Probe and X-Ray inspection along with root cause analysis. Level 4 is an innovative technology driven by "high end" inspection and re-work process to inspect, test and repair printed circuit boards (PCB) of any kind. Fokker can inspect and repair anything from Legacy Boards to the Latest Technology and from a variety of aircraft types.

This is what we do:
We perform X-Ray inspection on the boards. Faults and cracks that are invisible to the naked eye will be detected. We are even able to find starting defects. Circuit boards are also thoroughly tested electrically. We typically perform about 4000 tests on a single board, this is all done very quickly and fully automated. The Flying Probe will be measuring if the value and function of every single component on the board is as it should be, and generates a report of the suspected components. After inspection, a Fokker IPC certified specialist repairs and re-works the Boards with state of the art re-work equipment. Reworked boards are re-inspected in the Flying Probe and X-Ray to garantuee its full functionality.

This is what we call Level 4 maintenance.

We go the extra mile to increase reliability and lower your "Total Cost of Ownership". Want to see more, watch the video above or visit our Schiphol facility.