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Highly Mobile Multi-Weapon Air Defence Systemfor mechanized brigade protection.

RAPIDFire combines the CONTROLMaster 60 surveillance radar with the CONTROLView command and control module.

RAPIDFire is adapted to both vital assets and fixed points defence, as well as mobile troops or convoys protection missions.

This mobile, multi-role weapon system is designed to respond to the new threatsbeing encountered by armed forces today and in particular the low cost targets which canattack in swarms and can saturate conventional missile defences.

RAPIDFire benefits from 40 years of Thales' background experience in field proven Weapon Systems for French and overseas Armed Forces.

With its powerful antiaircraft gun, high performace 3D radar and versatile C2 module, RAPIDFire is optimized to defeat all types of air threats including Fighter Ground Attack (FGA), helicopters or Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) and cruise missiles or precision guided munitions.

The RAPIDFire system has also been designed to enable firing of the STARStreak missilesystem, a Very Short Range Air Defence missile system with a speed in excess of Mach 3 and a range of around 7km. The combination of six STARStreak missiles and the latestgeneration 40mm cased telescope ammunition ensure both precision attack and high firepower. Optronic sensors have been integrated directly into the turret thereby ensuring thatthe RAPIDFire can operate autonomously if required. Using various types of ammunitions,RAPIDFire can also be used against ground targets, including armoured platforms, to ensurethe self protection of the system

Key Missions:
- Multi-weapons: missiles & guns : The Starstreak missiles efficiency combined with the power of a 40mm gun calibre
- Multi-role : 40 mm gun has both air and ground defence capabilities
- Fast into action
- Precision and high firepower
- Full autonomy
- Improved Survivability
- The Starstreak missiles efficiency combined with the power of a 40mm gun caliber

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