langue en Pipistrel Aircraft Canada Inc. - 03/05/2019

Pipistrel Virus SW rough and hilly field takeoff

Pipistrel Virus SW tailwheel version takeoff on an unimproved uneven surface.
The field is a hayfield / cow pasture. Very rough if you were to drive a truck on it.
Not so bad in the plane. The regular wheels are installed in this video.

My family was having a "wiener roast" at the field right beside this one. I got left behind because I was out working. When I was done work I was a 1 hour drive away , or a 10 minute flight. I decided to fly. This is the most uneven field I have landed in so far. The takeoff was easy, but the landing required good timing with the spoilers to land in the contours of the hills. I got one fair sized bounce in on landing near the end of the roll, the fiberglass gear absorbed it very well.