langue en MBDA - 03/05/2019

Eurosatory 2016: MBDA presents LICORNE

Francis Bordachar, military advisor at leading missile and missile systems developer, MBDA unveils its new Command and Control solution: LICORNE at Eurosatory 2016.

LICORNE is a compact, lightweight C2 dedicated to VSHORAD systems mainly of the Mistral missile type. It complements MBDAs existing Ground Based Air Defence Systems (GBAD) Command and Control (C2) family. This highly mobile C2 is derived from the MBDA I-MCP and PCP systems family with common software components and architecture and common MMI (Man Machine Interfaces).

The system is designed to offer a first level of coordination for VSHORAD systems and to meet the needs of rapid raid needs, amphibious or airborne operations. In addition, and thanks to its size and performance features, the system offers the possibility of providing the full range of C2 information to the decision makers.

To provide surveillance, detection and identification functions LICORNE is designed to be linked with EOS (Electro Optic Sensors) and radars. All the necessary functions of a C2 are embedded in the LICORNE system such as real time ranging functions, processing of the air picture and kill assessment.

Depending on its standard, it offers coordination capabilities with an upper level or with other LICORNE C2s. It also allows the presentation/ transfer of the video camera images of the deployed weapon systems.