langue en MBDA - 03/05/2019

PARS 3 LR - High Precision Fire-And-Forget Weapon System with Multi-Role Capability

PARS 3 LR is a high precision fire-and-forget weapon system for the engagement of mobile and stationary targets including those equipped with the latest generation of armour protection - as well as buildings, bunkers and other high-value targets.

The fire-and-forget capability of MBDAs PARS 3 LR enables the platform system to leave its position immediately after firing the missile. In this way, platform and crew are exposed to the enemy's reconnaissance and counter-action for a minimal amount of time. The precision and effectiveness of the missile is ensured over the entire firing range.

Due to its tandem shaped charge warhead and its infrared-seeker PARS 3 LR can engage infrastructure targets as effective as mobile or stationary armoured targets.

The missile system has been tested and qualified in 2013. Production for the German Army is managed by PARSYS GmbH, a joint venture of MBDA Deutschland GmbH (50%) and Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Co.KG (50%)