langue en MBDA - 03/05/2019

TAURUS KEPD 350NO missile

TAURUS KEPD 350E is the modular stand-off weapon system for precision strikes against hardened and high-value point and area targets designed by MBDA.

TAURUS KEPD 350E is designed to penetrate dense air defences by utilising very low level terrain-following flight in order to neutralise high-value stationary and semi-stationary targets. Its highly effective dual stage warhead system MEPHISTO, combines the capability of defeating hard and deeply buried targets (HDBT) and a blast and fragmentation capability to take out high-value point and area targets.

The weapon system contains the worlds only programmable multi-purpose fuse, enabling detonation of the penetrator at a pre-selected floor within the target structure by utilizing layer counting and void sensing technologies.

TAURUS KEPD 350E is a product of TAURUS Systems GmbH, a joint venture between MBDA Deutschland and Saab Dynamics AB for the development, production and global marketing of the TAURUS stand-off missile family for precision strike.