langue en MBDA - 03/05/2019


The VL MICA naval air defence system provides an unmatched self and local area defence capability. It is currently deployed by navies around the world as the sole or main air defence system on board a wide range of surface vessels.

Designed by MBDA, the VL MICA system deploys the unique MICA missile which is equipped with two, interoperable, state-of-the-art seekers (Imaging IR or active RF), providing superior features to counter all types of threat (anti-ship missiles, aircraft, helicopter, PGMs, smart bombs)

VL MICA offers a very high single shot kill probability and simultaneous multiple shot capability (autonomous guidance, extremely high firing rate)

Operated from the ship combat system using existing air defence sensors, VL MICA has no need for a dedicated fire control system.

The missile is stored and vertically launched from its individual storage container (no need for a VLS) providing 360° engagement coverage.

Several ship programmes have been carried out that have demonstrated how the modularity and compact nature of VL MICA facilitate the systems installation on a wide range of warships, both new build or retrofit.

In addition to VL MICAs many operational advantages, low maintenance, reduced manpower requirements and very long service life are key features.