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Sea Venom/ANL missile

Sea Venom/ANL is the next generation, multi-role surface attack weapon developed for helicopters of the French and UK navies by MBDA.

Known as Anti-Navire Leger (ANL) in France, Sea Venom is expected to enter service with the Royal Navy towards the end of 2020. Its first successful test launch was conducted from an AS365 Dauphin on 21 June 2017.

It is designed for the most demanding operations, including:
- Safely engaging hostile vessels amongst friendly and civilian assets, particularly in congested littoral environments.
- Defeating broad target spectrums:
o From small craft to larger warships at sea or in port
o Coastal land targets

Sea Venom/ANL is based on cutting-edge technologies and features an uncooled imaging IR seeker, advanced self-guidance and IR image processing along with a 2-way RF data link for in-flight monitoring. The missile relays its IR seeker image to the cockpit in real time, giving the operator options for remaining in control of the missile throughout its flight, in addition to having an autonomous engagement capability.

Sea Venom/ANL has been designed for purpose from the onset and provides high survivability owing to its subsonic propulsion, true sea-skimming flight, selectable flight profiles and terminal manoeuvres. In addition, it also features a multi-effect lethal package (30kg class warhead), semi-armour piercing and blast and fragmentation effects and possesses the potential for salvo firing capability from a safe stand-off range, enhancing crew survivability even further.
Sea Venom users also benefit from:

- Reduced modifications to existing ship storage and handling equipment
- High helicopter load-out
- Minimal impact on logistics and through-life costs

The jointly funded Anglo-French contract for Sea Venom/ANL was valued at more than £500m and is managed as part of MBDAs Team Complex Weapons Portfolio. By working together and uniting their respective strengths, Britain and France will not only deliver a more cost-effective solution to their military needs, but will also benefit the capability and export potential of the European platforms that will integrate Sea Venom/ANL, including the Royal Navys AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopters and the French Navys maritime helicopters/
FIAC/FAC/Corvettes/Team complex weapons

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