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Curating Your Inflight Fine Dining Experience | Singapore Airlines

At Singapore Airlines, experience an elaborate combination of fine dining and wines, specially curated for the best taste at 30,000 feet in the air.

Find out more from our International Culinary Panel Chef, Air Sommelier and Food & Beverage Manager, Hermann Freidanck share the thought process behind the lengths we go to, to enhance your inflight dining experience.

Inflight Dining
Ingredients are carefully selected by our chefs, to maintain the quality and taste of your meals.

Wine Selection
Our distinguished panel of wine experts conduct wine tasting and selections twice a year, anticipating the wines that come in and purchasing them ahead of time for your enjoyment.

Air Sommeliers
To remain at the forefront of new trends, Singapore Airlines invests in the training of our air sommeliers, who are taught to identify wines based on colour, aroma and palate, and recommend the best wines for your meals in flight.

Singapore Airlines, A Great Way To Fly.

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