langue en MTU Aero Engines AG - 26/03/2020

24h turbine production at MTU (insights into production and operation)

The demand for the ultramodern turbine geared turbofan (GIF) is enormous, which is why production at MTU's heart never stops.

In order to be able to cover the costly production with the demand, work is sometimes carried out in three shifts. 24 hours a day: from early in the morning until late at night.  

This video is intended to give an insight into the work processes. At the Munich location, we documented the journey of a blisk through MTU's production halls and accompanied the people who manufacture the components. The blisk is part of the GIF and is used for the Airbus A320neo, among other things.  

Do you want to start a career at MTU? At our locations in Berlin, Munich and Hannover, for example, we can train you to become an aircraft mechanic (m/f/d). 

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