langue en ESA - 03/05/2019

Launching satellites from Space Station step one

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet working in the Kibo laboratory to prepare a CubeSat launch at 30 times increased speed.

The cylinder in the back is the mini-airlock that allows objects to be sent outside the Space Station. First Thomas and NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough retrieved the Robotics External Leak Locator and wrapped it up for storage.

Afterwards Thomas installs the platform that the robotic arm grabs. The pointy bit is the connector for the robotic arm.
This video was recorded in December 2016 and was the first step for launching the CubeSats on 16 January 2017. Later Thomas put the satellite launcher on the platform and a third step is to connect the satellites themselves.

Thomas is spending six months on the International Space Station as part of his Proxima mission. During Proxima, Thomas will perform around 50 scientific experiments for ESA and Frances space agency CNES as well as take part in many research activities for the other Station partners. The mission is part of ESAs vision to use Earth-orbiting spacecraft as a place to live and work for the benefit of European society while using the experience to prepare for future voyages of exploration further into the Solar System.

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