langue en Lufthansa Systems AG - 03/05/2019

Lufthansa Systems Boardconnect Portable: Enjoy an ultimate travel experience

Walter and his wife enjoy an ultimate travel experience thanks to the IFE solution BoardConnect Portable.
BoardConnect Portable enables airlines to offer wireless IFE on demand across its network, streaming hundreds of hours of entertainment content to passengers own devices. Using wireless technology, the entertainment content is streamed directly to passengers' smartphones, laptops and tablets.
BoardConnect Portable is a simple and flexible, all-in-one in-flight entertainment solution for low-cost operations, based on battery powered rugged Mobile Streaming Units (MSU), where the server and access points are integrated in a single device. Each MSU provides streamed content of the highest quality for up to 50 clients.
The MSU is approximately the size of a tablet and weighs only 1.5 kg. Easy to install, easy to operate.
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