langue en Boeing - 09/05/2019

Boeing in Italy, 65 years and counting

For 65 years The Boeing Company has been a catalyzer for technological innovation, value creation, qualified job creation and a point of reference for the Italian Armed Forces. Boeing makes a long-term strategic contribution to the Italian economy: according to a recent research commissioned to Oxford Economics, in 2012 Boeing spent more than $775 million with tier 1 suppliers based in Italy and its activities supported more than 12,350 jobs in the country. That number is destined to grow. Alenia Aermacchi (Finmeccanica) has been a partner in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner since the start of the program, and builds the central and aft fuselage sections of the advanced carbon fiber airplane at Grottaglie (Taranto), Puglia region. With AgustaWestland (Finmeccanica) Boeing coproduces the latest ICH-47-F Chinook helicopter for the Italian Army.