langue en Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. - 29/08/2014

From Garage to Blue Skies - Woody's OneX

Introducing our latest creation, the Sonex Onex. While not technically a member of the Falcon family of aircraft, the innovation and pursuit of perfection that Dassault is known for was a driving force behind the construction of this sport pilot aircraft.

Woody Saland, Dassault Falcon?s Director of Avionics Programs & Pilot Training, worked with colleagues Brian Ray, Lee Thomas, Glenn Habrial and Arturo Borges to build this aerobatic single-seat aircraft with very unique vinyl graphics.

The folding-wing design allows the aircraft to fit into a garage (that?s where it was built!), be trailered on local roads, and features easily removable wing panels for trailering at highway speeds.