langue en THALES GROUP - 04/09/2014

Talios - Multi function targeting pod

Designed entirely around operational feedback from users, TALIOS is the latest addition to the Thales family. TALIOS is the first optronic pod to cover the entire critical decision chain from intelligence gathering to weapon delivery.

Capabilities range from deep strike with long-range missiles and bombs to air-to-air target identification and close air support, and include the rapidly emerging requirement of Non-Traditional Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR).

Key features

- Latest generation of high-resolution sensors and high-precision line-of-sight stabilization
- Wide-angle vision providing critical contextual information and making the pod a key component of the pilot?s visual environment throughout the mission.
- Open architecture and a high level of functional integration

All functions will be standard for both French and international customers. With its open architecture, the TALIOS pod is conceived as a ?plug & fight? system for integration on all existing and future fighters.